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Beauty tips 60 years

Beauty tips 60 years

Beauty has no age!

At 60, the signs of skin aging are indeed present: wrinkles deepen and the skin of the face droops. To reduce the effects of time, you have to feed deeply your skin with increasingly targeted treatments. The right moves: truck your usual cream with richer textures, which offset the loss of water and will relax your skin. Likewise, remove your make up preferably with a lotion rather than a gel that is rinsed with water.

Every day, opt for an anti-wrinkle cream that stimulates collagen production and reduces furrows, combined with a night cream that compensates water loss and relax your skin.

BEAUTY TIP: Apply a serum before your day or night cream, to enhance hydration and the specific action of your cream.



Use your brains. Stay active in body and mind! Defy the effects of aging on your intellectual capacity by immersing yourself in stimulating activities for the mind.

BEAUTY TIP: Practice board games, enjoy training, share your culinary, botanical or cultural knowledge... everything is good to stimulate your intellectual functions on a daily basis!




Makeup: present but discreet!

The foundation is necessary to unify the complexion, ideally choose a beige cream foundation, which does not penetrate in the wrinkles, to not underline it. Using an anti-dark circles is also essential: it will not only disguise dark circles, but also all the melanin spots appearing with age. For the eyes, an eye shadow matte and neutral color is sufficient, you can add mascara, preferably brown. Finally, do not forget the eyebrows, as they tend to fade with age, we must think of the redesign: it will give strength and character to your look.

BEAUTY TIP: Rekindle the radiance of your complexion with a regular scrub 2 times a week, without forgetting the neck! Apply a mask that you will rest for 10 minutes for a complete action.




The hands are another part of the body which suffers visibly the effects of time. To preserve and protect its beautifulness, always apply a cream in upward movements after washing hands and at bedtime.


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