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Beauty tips 50 years

Beauty tips 50 years

Beauty at its height

At 50 cell renewal is deeply slows, due to menopause hormonal deficiency. Which causes a lack of skin radiance, slackening skin, wrinkles more pronounced, pigment spots ... it’s time to adopt new reflexes!

Be attentive to the needs of your skin and bring it all the comfort and softness it needs. Change your usual care if your skin calls for richer textures and opt for nourishing day and night care. You can improve your care through complementary and specific anti- aging products (for example: eye and neck cream).

In parallel, the facial massage is a daily act to counter the loss of firmness, to allow a good penetration of the cream and thus promote its action: apply light pressure with your fingers around the face and pull your cream up in movement towards temples.


BEAUTY TIPS:  Apply a serum before your day or night cream, to enhance hydration, the power of active ingredients and leverage the specific action of your products.

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Once a month, a rejuvenating cure!

Because daily care is not enough, it’s useful to make every fifteen days, a deep reshaping of your skin. Whether masks, programs, serums (vials) or skin peeling treatments, this step will regenerate and revitalize your cells and you will notice a clearer complexion and smoother skin. You can also perform a more specific treatment in an institute (modeling) or from your dermatologist (micro-abrasion, vitamins ...).

BEAUTY TIPS: Modelling restores elasticity of the skin and helps delay the appearance of wrinkles, it is done with a special cream according to the needs of your skin.


From a certain age, many women stop makeup. And what a pity! With age, it becomes a precious ally: it camouflages imperfections, masks the signs of fatigue, enhances the complexion and brightens the eyes.

The big news is the foundations for mature skin: soft and moisturizing, it covers the skin, makes it shine and treat it at the same time!


BEAUTY TIPS: Apply a serum before your foundation to moisturize your skin thoroughly.


Indulge yourself at breakfast and favor complete bread and fresh fruit! Get your fill of vitamins and energy to start your day in the best way! On the evening, promote regular nights and offer you the greatest benefits of restorative hours before midnight.


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