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Beauty tips 30 years

Beauty tips 30 years

A life in the fast line?

Thirties is the decade of ambition and determination! At 30, life rhythm is often mad and we must juggle with a busy job schedule.

The first beauty gesture to maintain beautify skin: the CLEANSING. Remove make-up carefully in the morning to remove impurities of the night and in the evening (even after a great party) to remove makeup, dust and pollution of the day. Free of impurities that clog the pores, the skin is less prone to redness and pimples.

At 30, you just need a targeted care to find a baby’s skin again and erase the famous “first signs of aging”.

PROTECT and PREVENT: Happiness all day with the cream LE JOUR, this daily treatment protects your skin from harmful effects of the environment, improves hydration and prevents the formation of wrinkles and fin lines.

BEAUTY TIP: The promise of a high note wake-up! Busy days, lake of sleep, recharge your batteries using a night cream to rejuvenate your skin.

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No time (or budget) for a fitness center? Take the opportunity to practice a physical activity in your daily travels: walking, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, get off a bus earlier or consider contracting your muscles in your car it’s a secret trick for rock solid abdominal muscles!

Preferred regular sleep hours, lack of sleep tends to be especially marked in the eye.

BEAUTY TIP: adopt an eye reviver, its decongestant action will brighten your eyes instantly.


Dare make-up! At 30 it’s a weapon of seduction! During the day, choose a simple make-up, rather “nude” with a glossy touch on your lips. In the evening try electric an intense eyes with a smoky rock and glamorous eye. For a zero defect make-up, opt for a neutral and glossy lips.

BEAUTY TIP: if you have chosen to enhance your eyes, stay sober on the lips. However, if you opt for a fatal mouth with a deep red with satin finish, eye make-up should be light.

Pull out all the stops! To keep a dreaming neckline curve, use special care for the chest. To smooth and blur imperfections, apply LE DECOLLETE in circular movements, from the chest to the neck.

To maintain a sublime cleavage, the sun will not be your best ally! It accelerates skin aging and promotes the appearance of age spots. Avoid excessive exposure and protect your youthfulness!

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RADIANCE. To maintain your glowing complexion, nothing better than a scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. Ideally, exfoliate your skin twice a week.

BEAUTY TIP: apply a mask after the scrub, to soothe and plump your skin.

At 30, the biggest challenge is to take time for yourself. Once a month, try to lose one’s grip and let you go in expert hands.


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