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40 years

40 years

An Olympic form, a ravishing smile,

a beautiful self-confidence?

At 40 we assume our choices!

An Olympic form, a ravishing smile, a beautiful self-confidence? At 40 we assume our choices! At 40, we begin to examine the first wrinkles. To keep an hydrated and glowing skin intensify your daily care and favor targeted treatments, particularly concentrated in vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant, enemy of free radicals), trace elements, and hyaluronic acid that provides instant tightening effect on the skin.


BOOST and ILLUMINATE: the first wrinkles appear and the skin loses its elasticity. This is the time to choose effective treatments and promote cell renewal.


Take over from your day care, an anti- aging night care. Indeed, it is the night that the cellular regeneration is the most intense. Your skin recover and on waking you are ready to face the day to come.


BEAUTY TIP: to restore a youthful look to your skin, you can do an hydrating mask before going to sleep and then apply your night cream. On waking your features will be more relaxed. Remember that sleep is the first beauty gesture!

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Objective: tone your body! Feeling good is to feel beautiful. Give yourself time, attention and care. HYDRATE and FIRM: daily apply a melting and firming care for the body, at least once per day during one month minimum on the entire body or affected areas.

Pamper your body! A basic care of the body beauty, the Sens&Spirit body scrubs remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. The skin becomes progressively firmer and softer. The right pace: use once or twice per week.

BEAUTY TIP: Ideal before waxing, before applying self-tanning treatment and one week before exposing yourself to the sun, to prepare skin to sunlight.



My peachy complexion amazes everybody! On a make-up side, choose a natural setting beauty and enhance your eyes!

BEAUTY TIP: if you have chosen to enhance your eyes, stay sober on the lips. However, if you opt for a fatal mouth with a deep red with satin finish, eye make-up should be light.

Pull out all the stops! To keep a dreaming neckline curve, use special care for the chest. To smooth and blur imperfections, apply LE DECOLLETE in circular movements, from the chest to the neck.

To maintain a sublime cleavage, the sun will not be your best ally! It accelerates skin aging and promotes the appearance of age spots. Avoid excessive exposure and protect your youthfulness!



What is the best "booster" shape? Cold water on the face and fresh water on the body...


Nothing better to tighten the skin texture and have a tonic body!


And if possible drink a glass of mineral water on an empty stomach upon waking, nothing better to cleanse you from inside!


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